Tune Up Utilities 2011 Final Version

Whats News !
• The Recycle Bin desktop icon will now always be refreshed after deletion with TuneUp Shredder.
• One problem has been fixed, which caused an error message when running 1-Click Maintenance.
• TuneUp StartUp Manager now detects even more programs and gives you useful information about them.
• The system status and tuning status are analyzed faster in the Start Center.
• A synchronization error between TuneUp Program Deactivator and TuneUp StartUp Manager has been fixed.
• A problem with O&O; Defrag 14 Professional Edition in connection with TuneUp Registry Cleaner has been fixed.
• The stability of TuneUp Styler has been improved.
• A display error in TuneUp Process Manager when it is called up from the Start Center has been fixed.

* Changes in 10.0.4310.27:
* The stability of 1-Click Maintenance has been improved.

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