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Nero Lite And Micro ease of assembly, the latest version of the universal utility for writing to CD / DVD and edit multimedia content. This is one of the best software packages to record to CDR, CDRW and DVD drives. Allows you to use most of the models of drives, with the records as audioCD, and computer drives, including boot, as well as video (formats Video CD and Super Video CD) and DVD.

Nero Lite installer includes following products:
- Nero BurningROM (Included in Micro version);
- Nero Express (Included in Micro version);
- Nero Cover Designer;
- Nero ToolKit (DiscSpeed, InfoTool, BurnRights);
- Nero WaveEditor;

Nero Micro installer includes following products:
- Nero BurningROM
- Nero Express

Version 1.6 [Date: 29.04.2011]
- Fixed bug with installer silent switches.
- Small tweaks to installer.

Version 1.5 [Date: 21.04.2011]
- Updated files to version 10.6.11300.
- Fixed bug with Save Audio Tracks
- Added option "Upgrade/Reinstall" to installer.

SN not valid:
- Uninstall dulu sampai bersih (bisa pake ccleaner) bila sudah terinstall Nero versi lainnya lalu restart windowsnya
- Jalankan dengan hak Administrator

Alternatif Serial:

Nero 10 Requirements:
- Windows Installer 3.1 or higher
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable (included into installer)

Bagi yg masih mau burn bikin VCD bisa pake versi 9.4.26 dan kalau muncul pesan "The Pegasus ImagXpress library is not installed..." lanjutkan aja ga ngaruh

Password : nsane

Nero Lite v10.6.11300

Nero Micro v10.6.11300

Nero Micro v9.4.26

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