Jet Audio Music dan Video Player

Jet Audio merupakan Software untuk memutar Music dan Video pada PC atau Komputer, yang belum pernah coba silahkan coba pasti langsung jatuh hati. Semenjak ane pake nih player ane udah males gonta ganti player cukup satu player yang multifungsi powerfull good (SPEAKER SYSTEM MENDUKUNG ) SQ

Fitur Utama :
* Support all popular audio and video formats
* Recording music on CD
* Use of different audio effects
* Control playback speed
* Built-in equalizer
* Convert files between formats
* Built-in visualization plugins
* ID3 tag editor for MP3, OGG and WMA
* Synchronization of lyrics for karaoke function
* Ability to watch DVD movies
* Ability to change skin interface
* Convert video files into different formats
* Functions coding MP3/MP3Pro files
* Additional audio effects (BBE and BBE ViVA)
* Advanced audio features (32-bit, DRC and Dynamic Limiter)
* Enhanced recording (detection of silence, EQ, Low / High / Band Pass Filters)
* Additional special tools (Audio Trimmer, Audio Mixing Recorder)[/quote]

Supported Audio Format :
* Windows Sound (WAV)
* MPEG Audio (MP1, MP2, MP3) including mp3PRO
* MPEG Audio Playlist (PLS, M3U)
* Windows Media Audio (WMA)
* Ogg Vorbis Audio (OGG)
* Apple Audio (AIF and AIFF)
* SUN Audio (AU and SND)
* RealMedia (RA, RAM, RM, RMM)
* IMS (Module Karaoke)
* Module Format (MOD, S3M, XM, MTM, STM, IT, ULT, 669, FAIR, MED, MDL, MDL, NST, OKT and WOW)
* Monkey's Audio (APE)
* Musepack Audio (MPC)
* Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
* Speex (SPX)
* True Audio (TTA)
* WavPack Audio (WV)

Supported Video Format :
* Windows Video (AVI)
* MPEG Video (MPG, MPEG)
* Windows Media Video (ASF, WMV)
* DivX Video (AVI, DIVX), Ogg Media (OGM), Matroska Video (MKV), MP4 Video (MP4),
* Flash Video (FLV)
* QuickTime (QT, MOV and MP4)

Download Link Dibawah ini :

Download Jet Audio via CNET (FreeWare)

Download Jet Audio Plus VX via MediaFire

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